Free COVID-19 insurance for travellers in Andalusia

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In order to guarantee the tranquillity of international visitors, a free COVID-19 insurance for travellers in Andalusia has been launched until the end of 2021. This tourist insurance is fully available to international non-residents and is valid for stays in any type of regulated establishment within the Autonomous Community. It is automatically set up if all the requirements are met.

COVID-19 insurance coverage for travellers in Andalusia

This free insurance is a facility that the Ministry of Tourism has presented so as to give an answer to any doubts when booking a trip to our region. It will provide a reliable and safe stay against the virus.

Its coverage is practically comprehensive. Medical expenses related to convalescence from COVID-19 will be covered, in addition to surgical, pharmaceutical and hospitalization expenses. Transportation and repatriation are also covered.

For greater protection, it includes both the patient diagnosed with coronavirus and their companions. The insured’s family member, spouse or partner who lives with them will have this consideration. Correspondingly, the descendants of both members of the couple.

As transportation expenses, the ambulance or transfer of the convalescent and those of return to the vacation place are covered. Repatriation would be by medical plane if the urgency of the case required it (for Europe and Mediterranean coastal countries). The rights of the insured’s return tickets will be exercised by the insurer.

Regarding the expenses of extension of stay, the insured’s stay in a hotel will be guaranteed after hospitalization or under medical prescription for quarantine.

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With more than 300 sunny days a year, Andalusia is one of the warmest destinations in all of Europe. Thanks to this enviable Mediterranean climate, its settings can be visited at any time of the year. Very mild winters and long summers allow you to enjoy its wonderful beaches nearly with no pause. Many lucky ones with beachfront houses on the Costa del Sol know what it’s like to enjoy this luxury.

Its gastronomy has deep traces of Arabian cuisine. Legumes and stews make up its essence. Those of fish in the coastal provinces and those of meat in the interior ones stand out. Into the bargain, its culinary art is well known for ham, wine, olive oil, cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables.

With an infrastructure in constant modernization, the Autonomous Community is accessible by plane, boat or by land. There is a total of 6 Andalusian airports, connected to the main cities of the world. They are found in Malaga, Seville, Almería, Córdoba, Granada and Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz). To these are added those of Faro (Portugal) and Gibraltar, which fulfil complementary functions by channelling travellers whose final destination is Andalusia.

Its 836 km of coastline have more than 30 marinas, 2 river ports and 15 commercial ports. Among them, we highlight the Port of Malaga for being the second cruise port on the Iberian Peninsula. In addition, all the municipalities of Andalusia are connected by the National Road Network of the State, the Autonomous Network or the Provincial Network, free to use. Likewise, we find toll highways, such as the Cádiz-Seville or Málaga-Guadiaro section.

Get to know the south of Spain without worries thanks to the free COVID-19 tourist insurance by staying in our Marbella and Estepona vacation rentals. From modern and contemporary environments to some more classic ones, they will satisfy the most demanding traveller.

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Writen by Laura Martín | Mar 02, 2021

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